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ProvidersSqlClient, MySql and Oracle.
TopicsView data-schema class.

This sample will show how to design dataschema class for a view in database using Irwsoft Data Framework.
What you will learn :

  1. Irwsoft.Data.ViewAttribute marks a class as view data-schema.

  2. Irwsoft.Data.Column and Irwsoft.Data.ColumnAttribute :

    • Irwsoft.Data.Column represents as a column of the view.
    • Irwsoft.Data.ColumnAttribute used to marks a field as a column of the view data-schema.

Example : We have PersonView view with structure like this :

  • PersonID (int, PK)
  • FirstName (string)
  • Status (boolean) - represents available status of a person.
  • LeaderID (int, FK)
C# code
// 1) Must using ViewAttribute to describe view class
public class PersonView
     // 2) Must declare all columns needed with private modifier and ColumnAttribute on it.
     //    NOTE : For read-only column set ReadOnly to true and string column should specify its size.

     [Column("PersonId"DbType.Int32, true, PrimaryKey = true)]
     private Column _personId;

     [Column("FirstName"DbType.String, false)]
     private Column _firstName;

     [Column("Status"DbType.Boolean, false)]
     private Column _status;

     [Column("LeaderId"DbType.Int32, false)]
     private Column _leaderId;

     // 3) Declare public get accessor to read the data.
     //    NOTE : you must not provide set/write accessor since it will initialized by calling
     //           Irwsoft.Data.DataFactories.InitTableSchema

     public Column PersonId { get { return _personId; } }
     public Column FirstName { get { return _firstName; } }
     // ... other properties here

     // 4) Must have parameterless constructors, that call Irwsoft.Data.DataFactories.InitViewSchema

     public PersonView()

IDF supports DML query to View like DML query to table. For available DML syntax supported by IDF, please see Table Query.

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