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Brief Information
DescriptionA button tag-helper to trigger something when user click it.
  • Displays either text and/or image.
  • Text location.
Button tag-helper
A Button tag-helper with Text and ImageUrl.

The Button tag-helper is a tag-helper to trigger something when user click it. This tag-helper have feature to display either text and/or image. The TextLocation property will determine the text location from image.


  • Image only
    Button with image only
  • Text only
    Button with text only

Text Location

  • Right
    Text location at right side
  • Left
    Text location at left side
  • Bottom
    Text location at bottom side
  • Top
    Text location at top side

Example : Displays a Button tag-helper.

C# code for Button

// 1) Defines the Button tag-helper for user to trigger displaying image.
<Button ID="BTN1" runat="server" SkinStyle="SimpleGrey" ImageUrl="~/Images/save.png"
     Text="Save" TextLocation="Bottom">

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