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Brief Information
DescriptionA container of tag-helper that has other drop-down container of tag-helper.
FeaturesAuto-hide of drop-down container enabled or disabled.
DropDownPanel tag-helper
A DropDownPanel tag-helper to display image with a story.

The DropDownPanel tag-helper is a container tag-helper that has drop-down container with auto-hide enabled or disabled.

DropDownPanel Shown

DropDownPanel with image only

Example : Displays a DropDownPanel tag-helper.

C# code for DropDownPanel

// 1) Defines the DropDownPanel tag-helper for user to trigger displaying image.
<DropDownPanel ID="DDP1" runat="server" SkinStyle="Default" Height="800" Width="1000" DropDownPanelHeight="200">
     <DropDownPanelContent>  // 2) Defines the main content
               <img src="img/souhgate.jpg">
               <h3>The south gate of Zengding - Hebei Province, China</h3>
     <DropDownPanelDropDownContent>  // 3) Defines the a little story of the image in drop-down panel.
               The Zhengding South Gate was first built in Ming Dynasty, called Changlemen in history, and then was destroyed.
               In the year of 2001, the local government rebuilt it...

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