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Brief Information
DescriptionA form data entry tag-helper to input many fields.
FeaturesField-set/group of input controls.
A compact data entry form with auto validation.
Three form modes are View, Insert and Edit.
FieldSetForm tag-helper
FieldSetForm tag-helper in Insert mode

FieldSetForm tag-helper
FieldSetForm tag-helper in View mode

The IWC FieldSetForm tag-helper is a data entry tag-helper. The tag-helper generates all input controls depend on properties specified. There is also auto validation for the data types for each properties. These input controls grouped into field-set with specified name.

There are three modes of FieldSetForm tag-helper. The View mode displays plain table to display data only with Edit or Insert buttons. The Insert mode gives you blank entry data with Save or Cancel buttons. The Edit mode gives you entry data to edit current data object with Save or Cancel buttons. The Form tag-helper will generate all neccessary controls depend on the properties sepcified.

All IWC input tag-helper designed using MVVM pattern which mean you can have a data-model class representing a domain/table. You can use simple C# class, Irwsoft Data Framework, Entity Framework, Linq to Sql or other .NET ORM. Then set its data-source and a property to bind.

Example : Input biodata of Person table with FieldSetForm

C# code for Person table

// 1) Sample code for Person table
public class Person
     public int ID { get; set;}
     public string FirstName { get; set;}
     public string LastName { get; set;}
     public GenderType Gender { get; set;}
     public DateTime DateOfBirth { get; set;}
     public int Age { get; set;}
     public string Address { get; set;}
     public string City { get; set;}
     public string Country { get; set;}
     public string IdentityCardNo { get; set;}
     public string BioData { get; set;}
     public string PictureUrl { get; set;}

ASPX code for FieldSetForm

// 1) Defines the FieldSetForm tag-helper
<FieldSetForm ID="FR1" runat="server" SkinStyle="SimpleGrey" FormLayoutMode="Table" ColumnCount="3" ColumnWidths="400,600"
     OnEdit="FR1_Edit" OnInsert="FR1_Insert" OnSaving="FR1_Saving" OnSaved="FR1_Saved" OnCancel="FR1_Cancel"
     OnImagePreview="FR1_ImagePreview" OnFileDelete="FR1_FileDelete">
          <div style="width: 100%;"text-align: center;">Identity Card Registration Form</div>
     // 2) Defines some properties to bind inside DataPropertyNames tag
     <FieldSetFormDataPropertyName FieldsetName="BioData" Name="Name" />
     <FieldSetFormDataPropertyName FieldsetName="BioData" Name="Gender" DataType="List" Type="SamplesNET2.Data.GenderType" AllowEmpty="false"/>
     <FieldSetFormDataPropertyName FieldsetName="BioData" Name="Age" DataType="Integer" />
     <FieldSetFormDataPropertyName FieldsetName="BioData" Caption="DOB" Name="DateOfBirth" DataType="Date" Format="New York , {0:d}" />
     <FieldSetFormDataPropertyName FieldsetName="BioData" Name="DOBTime" DataType="Time" Format="Morning , {0}" />
     <FieldSetFormDataPropertyName FieldsetName="BioData" Name="IDCardImg" DataType="ImageUrl" />
     <FieldSetFormDataPropertyName FieldsetName="BioData" Name="IDCardImgFile" DataType="Image" />
     <FieldSetFormDataPropertyName FieldsetName="Account" Name="Saving" DataType="Money" />
     <FieldSetFormDataPropertyName FieldsetName="Account" Name="Interest" DataType="Percent" />
     <FieldSetFormDataPropertyName FieldsetName="Account" Name="Interest2" DataType="Percent" />
          <div style="width: 100%;"text-align: right;"></div>

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