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Brief Information
DescriptionA menu in the top bar of a site.
  • Header template.
  • Display image and/or text.
  • DropDownMenu
TopMenu tag-helper

A TopMenu tag-helper for a hotel site.

The TopMenu tag-helper is a tag-helper to menu palced in the top of a site.

Example : Displays a TopMenu tag-helper.

C# code for TopMenu

// 1) Defines the TopMenu tag-helper.
<TopMenu ID="BTN1" runat="server" SkinStyle="SkyBlue">
               <img src="../../img/barcelona.hotel.jpg" alt="Barcelona Hotel..." />
     <TopMenuItem Text="HOTEL" />
     <TopMenuItem Text="ROOM & SUITES" />
     <TopMenuItem Text="RESTAURANTS" />
     <TopMenuItem Text="EVENTS" />
     <TopMenuItem Text="SPA" />
     <TopMenuItem Text="GALLERY" />
     <TopMenuItem Text="LOCATION & CONTACT" />

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