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Brief Information
DescriptionA service control to provide file or image for downloading or previewing.
  • Preview for the image file.
  • File or image downloading

FileClientProvider supports a link to display/download image file automatically

FileClientProvider control
FileClientProvider control provides previewing and downloading an image of person object.

The IWC FileClientProvider is a service control to provide file or image downloading. The control allows user interaction to view image file before downloading. This control provides service to other control like hypperlink or button to trigger downloading or previewing.

Simple thing to implement and less code is the advantages of using this control to provide image or file previewing and/or downloaing. Also the inegration with other control such as DataView or Form controls supports them to display any image or file in their datasource.

Example : Provides image downloading of PictureUrl data of Person table with FileClientProvider

C# code for Person table

// 1) Sample code for Person table
public class Person
     public int ID { get; set;}
     public string FirstName { get; set;}
     public string LastName { get; set;}
     public GenderType Gender { get; set;}
     public DateTime DateOfBirth { get; set;}
     public int Age { get; set;}
     public string Address { get; set;}
     public string City { get; set;}
     public string Country { get; set;}
     public string IdentityCardNo { get; set;}
     public string BioData { get; set;}
     public string PictureUrl { get; set;}  // 2) Displays PictureUrl property of Person.

ASPX code for FileClientProvider

// 1) Defines the Link control for user to trigger displaying image
//    NOTE : you can use common control like HyperLink or ImageButton.

<irw:Link ID="LINK1" runat="server" Text="Display Image"></irw:Link>

// 2) Defines the FileClientProvider control to provide image downloading or image previewing
// 3) Sets the TargetControlID to HL1 and Arguments to the ID of the Person object.

<irw:FileClientProvider ID="FCP1" runat="server" SkinStyle="SimpleGrey"
     TargetControlID="LINK1" Arguments="8"
     OnFileDownload="FCP1_FileDownload" OnImagePreview="FCP1_ImagePreview">

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