Irwsoft Web Control

Brief Information
DescriptionA control to input html-text.
FeaturesHTML data editor.
Bind one property.
HtmlText control
HtmlText control to enter BioData with HTML - text.

The IWC HtmlText control is a control to input HTML text. The control supports Design and HTML view for editing. The control can bind only one property only. The DataFormat and Format are ignored.

All IWC input control designed using MVVM pattern which mean you can have a data-model class representing a domain/table, but ofcourse you can still using classic CRUD programming without any data-model. You can use simple C# class, Irwsoft Data Framework, Entity Framework, Linq to Sql or other .NET ORM. Then set its data-source and some properties to bind. The multi-properties means the control handle input at once using data masking.

Example : Input BioData data of Person table with HtmlText at once

C# code for Person table

// 1) Sample code for Person table
public class Person
     public int ID { get; set;}
     public string FirstName { get; set;}
     public string LastName { get; set;}
     public GenderType Gender { get; set;}
     public DateTime DateOfBirth { get; set;}
     public int Age { get; set;}
     public string Address { get; set;}
     public string City { get; set;}
     public string Country { get; set;}
     public string IdentityCardNo { get; set;}
     public string BioData { get; set;}  // 2) Input BioData property of Person.
     public string PictureUrl { get; set;}

ASPX code for HtmlText

// 1) Defines the HtmlText control for BioData.
<irw:HtmlText ID="htm1" runat="server" SkinStyle="White" Height="300" Width="500">
     <DataPropertyNames>  // 2) Defines BioData property to bind inside DataPropertyNames tag
          <irw:DataPropertyName Name="BioData" />

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