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Brief Information
DescriptionTime control to input time data type (System.DateTime in .NET type).
FeaturesAccept Time data type and allow null / empty data.
Red shadow higlight when data changed.
DataFormat and auto validation.
InputTime control
InputTime control

The InputTime control is input control for time data type (System.DateTime in .NET type). This control accept one property only with Time data type. This control allows you to set null data by deleting existing data.

Note : The different with TimePicker is that it has simple design like a text-box and good for form data entry.

All IWC input control designed using MVVM pattern which mean you can have a data-model class representing a domain/table, but ofcourse you can still using classic CRUD programming without any data-model. You can use simple C# class, Irwsoft Data Framework, Entity Framework, Linq to Sql or other .NET ORM. Then set its data-source and a property to bind. The property of object must have System.DateTime data type.

Example : Input WorkStart data of WorkTime table with InputTime

C# code for WorkTime table

// 1) Sample code for WorkTime table
public class WorkTime
     // 2) The columns of WorkTime table.
     public DateTime WorkStart { get; set;}  // 3) Input WorkStart property of WorkTime.
     public DateTime WorkEnd { get; set;}

ASPX code for InputTime

// 1) Defines the InputTime control
<irw:InputTime ID="ITM1" runat="server" SkinStyle="SimpleGrey" TimePickerMode="LongTime12">
     <DataPropertyNames>  // 2) Defines a property to bind inside DataPropertyNames tag
          <irw:DataPropertyName Name="WorkStart" DataType="Time" />

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