Irwsoft Web Control

Brief Information
DescriptionA control to display a template in a list (left to right direction).
  • DataBinding from data-source.
  • Item-template for free design.
ListView control
A ListView control displays pictures.

The ListView control is a control to display a templated-content into a list model rendered from left to right direction.

Example : Displays a ListView control.

C# code for ListView

// 1) Designs list-view item template.
<irw:ListView ID="BTN1" runat="server" SkinStyle="White" Width="1000">
     <ItemTemplate>  // 2) Defines a propertyto bind inside DataPropertyNames tag
          <irw:Picture runat="server" Height="200">
               <irw:ViewPropertyName Name="IDCardImg" DataType="ImageUrl" />
          <irw:SimpleText runat="server">
               <irw:ViewPropertyName Name="Name" />
          <irw:SimpleText runat="server">
               <irw:ViewPropertyName Name="Gender" Type="WebTest.Data.GenderType" />

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