Irwsoft Web Control

Brief Information
DescriptionA control to menu items.
FeaturesMenu property schema that allowed to bind multiple data types (Xml, Class and Inline ASPX).
Three types of menu item they are Click-button, Link and Check-button.
Displays image and/or text.
Menu control
Menu control displays child menus behaviour.

The IWC Menu control is a control to provide menu items. There are three types of menu item, they are ClickButton, Link and CheckButton. The menu item can display image and/or text.

All IWC input control designed using MVVM pattern which mean you can have a data-model class representing a domain/table, but ofcourse you can still using classic CRUD programming without any data-model. You can use simple C# class, Irwsoft Data Framework, Entity Framework, Linq to Sql or other .NET ORM. Then set its data-source and some properties to bind.

The Menu control can accept three types of data. The XML data type which contains single record with custom xml data of menu. The object model data type can be represented as ORM of a relational database or any custom class collection of menu item. Both of them need to define menu property schema that connect data with menu item. The following example defines inline ASPX markup of Menu.

Inline ASPX markup code for Menu

// 1) Defines the Menu control
<irw:Menu ID="MN1" runat="server" Orientation="Horizontal" SkinStyle="Lime">
     <irw:MenuItem Name="Home" Mode="ClickButton" ImageUrl="../Img/home.png" />
     <irw:MenuItem Name="Products" Mode="ClickButton" ImageUrl="../Img/product.png"/>
          <irw:MenuItem Name="Clothes" Mode="ClickButton" ImageUrl="../Img/clothes.png" Text="Shirts & Pants"/>
               <irw:MenuItem Name="Shirts" Mode="Link" ImageUrl="../Img/shirt.png" Text="Adult Shirts" NavigateUrl="shirt.aspx" />
               <irw:MenuItem Name="Pants" Mode="Link" ImageUrl="../Img/pants.png" Text="Adult Pants" NavigateUrl="pants.aspx" />
          <irw:MenuItem Name="FoodBeverages" Mode="ClickButton" ImageUrl="../Img/foodAbeverages.png" Text="Food & Beverages"/>
               <irw:MenuItem Name="Milk" Mode="Link" ImageUrl="../Img/milk.png" Text="Milk" NavigateUrl="milk.aspx" />
               <irw:MenuItem Name="Soda" Mode="Link" ImageUrl="../Img/soda.png" Text="Soda" NavigateUrl="soda.aspx" />
     <irw:MenuItem Name="Orders" Mode="Link" ImageUrl="../Img/order.png" NavigateUrl="order.aspx" />
     <irw:MenuItem Name="Cart" Mode="Link" ImageUrl="../Img/cart.png" NavigateUrl="cart.aspx" />

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