Irwsoft Web Control

Brief Information
DescriptionA split-button control to provide buttons menu.
FeaturesDisplays either text and/or image.
SplitButton control
A SplitButton control with Text and ImageUrl.

The SplitButton control is a control to provide a list of buttons menu.


  • Default Button
    Default SplitButton
  • SplitButton Menu
    SplitButton with button menu

Example : Displays a SplitButton control.

C# code for SplitButton

// 1) Defines the SplitButton control for user to trigger displaying image.
<irw:SplitButton ID="SBTN1" runat="server" SkinStyle="SkyBlue" ImageHeight="16" OnClick="BTN1_Click">
     <irw:SplitButtonItem Name="ShutDown" ImageUrl="../Img/sdown.png"/>
     <irw:SplitButtonItem Name="Restart" ImageUrl="../Img/restart.png"/>
     <irw:SplitButtonItem Name="Stanby" ImageUrl="../Img/standby.png"/>

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